Medical Billing Outsource Services is a common practice in the healthcare industry. It allows healthcare providers to focus on patient care while experts handle the complex process of medical billing and coding. When considering medical billing outsource services, it's crucial to choose a reputable and experienced service provider that aligns with your practice's specific needs. but we are here to help you for Medical Billing Outsource Services as branded company in united states.

Payment Posting

To provide the #financial picture of medical practice by depicting the #insurancepayments in EOBs, including #patient #payments and #insurance checks from #ERAS.


To account for the count of #claims denial along with analyzing the causes behind such occurrences to undertake the necessary steps at the earliest.

Accounts Receivable

To follow-up the denied or rejected claims so as to reopen them with full evidence to receive 100% #reimbursements from the insurers.

Charge Posting

To make sure there will be no rejections after sending a claim to insurance to follow every guideline according to the Speciality. Correct use of modifiers updated ICD and billed amount , with accurate CPT.


Some times numerous rejected claims get stuck in the clearing house, so we make sure to assign a professional who can fix all of them and send them to insurance.

Patient collection

To have a dedicated professional who can do daily and regular followups on patient's due balance to collect their balances on your behalf.

Eligibility and Verification

To make time for your patients and the front office, we provide dedicated FTE to who can check eligibility and benefits before patients arrive for their appointment and also get authorization in advance for the procedures that need authorization.

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