A2M Provides you with a Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Model?

With the FTE Model, you can take advantage of:
1. Dedicated account manager
2. Quality Audits
3. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Pros of the FTE model for medical billing:

1. Control and Authority:

One of the prime advantages of the FTE model is that healthcare organizations can do the staffing, training, and management of their own billing system. The healthcare organization has complete control over their medical billing process, which helps in the overall working of the organization as they can tailor their requirements based on their preferences and priorities. It is also beneficial for minimizing errors that occur during the complete billing process and creating scope for growth for the organization.

2. Cost-effectiveness:

A high volume of medical billing can result in cost-effectiveness for healthcare organizations by hiring full-time employees. Outsourcing of medical billing services can be avoided by organizations by hiring an in-house medical billing team. Healthcare organizations can avoid paying for the training and overhead costs associated with outsourced billing services. In some cases, the cost savings associated with the FTE model can be significant.

3. Elasticity:

The adjustment in staffing levels based on the needs and requirements of the organization can be easily met according to the organization's requirements. The organization can hire and train a new medical billing team to ensure compliance management. This allows FTE model in healthcare organizations to have greater flexibility in their medical billing processes.

4. Better Communication and Accountability:

Better communication is possible with the incorporation of the FTE model. There are teams assigned to do dedicated work, and they are responsible for that work. This provides smooth communication among the members of the teams from various departments within the organization. Hence, with an improved billing system, fewer or no claim denials are achieved with good team collaboration.

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