We guarantee to impact your operation's bottom line positively. Our FTE model is offered by type, specialty, and below industry standard rates. A2M Solution

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Many people are looking for healthcare outsource services near home or office then We are the best medical Billing company in United states for you and your business to maximize revenue while controlling costs and especially for medical billing expenses. we provide the best solution for you that help to smoothen your healthcare journey with full time equivalent model. many of people have no idea where to find the solution for healthcare outsource services on internet when they have no time to waste on searching medical billing company. We help to get secure and best services solution with reasonable charges and serve our services on time. A metric to compute the count of total full-time or part-time billers and AR your healthcare organization seeks without adding them to your payroll.

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee to impact your operation's bottom line positively. Our FTE (full-time equivalent) model is offered by type, speciality, and industry standard rates.

The most trusted and cost-effective medical billing professional provider nationwide. Assured a 30% to 40% reduction in practice or clinic operations expenses. We offer you dedicated personnel who work for predefined hours. FTE is just like having an extended business with staff offshore.

We all work for profits, but A2M Solution works for success and long term relationships with our clients. Every client that started with A2M Solution years ago is still utilizing us for years for our services. None of our clients have let go of our services till date. This indicates quality of service and responsible team with ownership mindsets. Our contracts are in no way bounding you to stay with us, our team's performs does that for us.

Quality Assurance

Hands-on quality assurance expertise weaved into your medical billing lifecycle.

Dedicated Teams

Excellent solution for complete control over human and technical resources.

Advanced Web

Productive, engaging and reliable medical billing solutions for business outcomes you deserve.

Our services

Straight forward solutions to complex business challenges.

Payment Posting

medical Billing company help to provide the #financial picture of medical practice by depicting the #insurancepayments in EOBs, including #patient #payments and #insurance checks from #ERAS.


medical Billing company help to account for the count of #claims denial along with analyzing the causes behind such occurrences to undertake the necessary steps at the earliest.

Accounts Receivable

medical Billing company help to follow-up the denied or rejected claims so as to reopen them with full evidence to receive 100% #reimbursements from the insurers.

Charge Posting

HealthCare Outsource company help to make sure there will be no rejections after sending a claim to insurance to follow every guideline according to the Speciality. Correct use of modifiers updated ICD and billed amount, with accurate CPT.


Some times numerous rejected claims get stuck in the clearing house, so we make sure to assign a professional who can fix all of them and send them to insurance.

Patient collection

HealthCare Outsource company help to have a dedicated professional who can do daily and regular followups on patients' due balance to collect their balances on your behalf.


A2M Solution allows healthcare providers and facilities to focus on maintaining exceptional patient care with the best possible financial results.

A2M Solution is a healthcare revenue cycle management company leading the industry with a data-driven, proprietary experience coined the A2M Solution


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